Some Facts about Robin Food Ltd.

PURPOSE: Robin Food is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to provide for the transport of left-over food from caterers/hotels to other non-profit organizations who will distribute the food to the poor/needy*. More than ninety percent of the funds donated to Robin Food will be used exclusively for this purpose. We have incorporated in Maryland in July 1996 and have been granted Federal Tax Exempt Status in December. Maryland Tax Exempt Status is pending but should be granted anon.

FUNDING: The majority of the funding for Robin Food Ltd. (and for this transport of left-over food) will be raised by donations and grants from organizations holding conventions and meetings in Baltimore; although, donations from individuals or corporations will certainly be accepted.

FREE ADVICE: Robin Food will be willing to provide advise for out-of-state organizations holding meetings in Baltimore and any Hotel or Caterer which has been (or may be) chosen to provide food and/or libations for their events. This advice will be provided without charge but should help assure these organizations that the best choices in food and wine are made. Two members of the directors of Robin Food will be assigned to recommend possible choices. We will be contacting non-profit organizations which have scheduled Conventions in Baltimore to offer this free advice.

COSTS: There will be absolutely no cost for this service to those that prepare and/or serve the food; or to the organizations that distribute the food. However, organizations or individuals that support Robin Food will be allowed to advertise their support, and Robin Food will prominently acknowledge those that provide support.