Chloe (September 4, 1994 - December 13, 2004)

"Beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices." -Lord Byron, of his dog Boatswain

Left: Young regal Chloe, Onaway State Park, Michigan

Right: April Fool's Day (1997) storm (Chloe is standing up), Massachusetts

Left: Chloe's Favorite Things - Water and Backpacking

Right: "It's a Big World Out There" (Backpacking in the White Mountains)

Left: At an AT Shelter on Mount Greylock, Massachusetts

Right: Porcupine Mountains, Michigan

Left: Swimming the rapids (with backpack!), Mount Greylock, Massachusetts

Right: Swimming in Lake Superior, Michigan Coastline

Left: On a (very crowded) Mount Liberty, White Mountains, NH

Right: Injured and muddy (note wrap on foot), Holyoke Range, Massachusetts

Left: Climbing Mount Washington, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Right: Dressed up for Halloween

Left: Playing in the Snow, Mount Sugarloaf (North), Massachusetts

Middle: With her (Crazy) friend Lucy, Mount Toby, Massachusetts

Right: "Frosty Chloe", Harkness Road, Massachusetts

Left: Swimming with friend Phoebe at Puffer's Pond, Massachusetts

Right: Snoozing with Big Tony

Left: With Friends Levi and Sadie, Horseneck State Park, Massachusetts

Right: Pulling the big sled, Merck Forest, Vermont

Left: "Walk Softly", Presidential Dry River Wilderness, White Mountains, NH

Right: "A Long Day of Backpacking", Pemigewasset Wilderness, White Mountains, NH